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Episode 026: Creating Vibes with Oomahmi

Episode 026: Creating Vibes with Oomahmi In this episode we talk to music producer and visual artist/photographer Oomahmi about her start in the photography business, where it took here, and some of the placed where... Read More

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How Not To Reach Out to People

Today, within the span of an hour, something interesting happened. It is directly related to something we discussed in episode one of the podcast with Kareem Fort, which is the right and wrong way to…

Push Through Discomfort

As a creative, I feel that consistency is key. 2.5 months ago we released the first episode of the Creative Masters Podcast, and today we dropped the 10th episode. I also set out to start…

Recognizing the Patterns of Fear

Yesterday we were at the pool enjoying the final day of spring. As my daughter and I were hanging out with my Fiancé and her nephew in the shallow end – which was about 3.5…

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